Pre-K Room

  • Heather Kelly
  • Lori Krupke, Executive Director
  • Yesenia Lipski

Tweener Room

  • Liz Libby
  • Amy Pokoney
  • RoseMary Young, Assistant Director

Toddler Room

  • Melissa Beal
  • Alicia Laurendeau
  • Cheryl Shorette, Assistant Director

Infant Room

  • Mary Burnell
  • Stacie Griffin
  • Rose Keene

Board Members

  • Jody Brown, treasurer, parent of Cate '14
  • Nina Emlen, parent of Caleb and Asher
  • Christina Hastings, parent of Henry (and baby William)
  • Allie Nolan, parent of Lina and Ewen
  • Hilary Phillips, parent of Augie, Westy, and Hud
  • Emily Pagan, chair, parent of Ruby and Ella
  • Allison and Kyle Shank, parents of a toddler
  • Lynne Staggs, parent of Grayson
  • Christa Starling, parent of Emelia '16
  • Abby Tadenev, parent of Sam and Molly
  • Darcy Throckmorton, secretary, parent of Luke and Noah '15